Years ago my passion for whips, leathercraft and hitching expanded to providing BDSM whips and toys to fellow sadomasochists based on the same old, traditional techniques. 

After a few select floggers and whips proved to work well in the scene, I decided to develop  a line of high-quality BDSM toys with the same all-out customization options already available for my other leathercraft.

As an artist by profession all pieces share my love for detail, for clean and pleasing looks and elegant design. These pages provide you with an idea of basic design, techniques and styles for whips, floggers, cattails, singletails and other toys.  You will discover that I do have a faible for whips which look as if they could have been used in ancient Rome or the Middle Ages. In fact, I am preparing a line of traditional and historical whips very authentic in looks, yet equipped with modern technique.

So you want to know a little more about me yet?

I've tried to have this website made quite a bit more personal, than those of others offering their craft on the web and I hope that by looking at the erotic images I added you can already catch a hint of what moves me. I'm a female Top, very much into flag (oh very yes!), heterosexual (though I do appreciate the beauty and resilience of the female body too) and an edgeplayer.

Working with leather has always been a thing with me, if I have a fetish, then it is that of touching, looking at and choosing cured hides for the purpose I want to achieve. I've been lucky to learn from several old hands who taught me their craft and showed me that enthusiasm for leather and working it simply never vanes. It has become a passion for me.

Apart from whipmaking my interests are design, writing, art and languages. Currently I'm preparing an exhibition of BDSM-drawings and paintings, some of which should end up on this website too, eventually...


The Raven


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