Here you'll find BDSM toys which defy clearcut categorization.



Mecate ropes are made of horsehair, normally mane hair is used and horsetrainers incite their horses to ceding to its scratchy, itching surface during bosal training with it.

I make a thinner, extremely scratchy, itchy variant of this rope for BDSM play out of tail hair. It's not intended for secure tying, as knots in mecate rope do not uncome easily or fast. Instead this rope is intended for overweaving an existing secure bondage to add severity and mischief. Mecate rope can also be added under a saran wrap bondage.

The effect accumulates, especially when the submissive starts sweating and is held in bondage for a longer amount of time the constant scratch and tickle will test resolve.

Mecate rope can be ordered in varying lengths, snap hooks, D-rings (to padlock into place under clothes) or tying straps at its ends are options. Colors are black, sorrel or palomino/white. As making mecate rope is a lengthy process, this is reflected in its price per yard.


An invisible variation of the proverbial hair shirt, this belt is also made of horse hair and can be worn under everyday clothes. It provides a severe scratch and itch to the wearer.

The hair belt can be ordered with normal belt buckles or so that a small padlock can be added to enforce wearing. Sizes and widths to measure. Colors are black, sorrel or palomino/white.

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