Unlike with many other whips for sale, I do not just glue or screw the tail into the end(knot) of a prefab handle, nor are the handles twine-wrapped falls then braided over. The first being in my experience often too flimsy for hard use, the second not offering the precision needed for target play.

My aim is to provide a handle which anchors the fall firmly, is easy to balance against the weight of the tails, rigid like the handle of a stock-whip for easy precision, narrow enough to rest comfortably in the hand for hours and capable of taking elegant design.

Thus my handles are built from scratch, meaning they start off as a hollow metal tube, through the inside length of which reaches the fall itself. This way the fall is attached in an extremely durable manner. The end knots are then built up on the handle, adding further security to the whole design. Basically this mimics the handle built of Australian stock-whips crossed with American bullwhips -- with different materials.

Currently I offer two basic styles of handles: braided or wrapped leather over  metal. The standard diameter is 25 mm (1 inch), the lengths vary from 18 to 30 cm (7 to 12 inches). Different diameters can be ordered. The basic styles split into these categories:

1.  French Whipping

This kind of weave gives the whip a nicely medieval look and provides an extremely good grip.

2. Diamond Weave

Classic basket style weave, this one looks best when you want multiple colors woven into the handle

3. Herringbone Variations

The Herringbone is the classic weaving style for bull whips and stock whips. It can be woven in several colors and differing numbers of strands (the more the finer).

4. Monograms

A different form of the Diamond Weave, this allows for letters in the handle design. It's not only an elegant form of individualization of your whips, but also a handy measure to guard against theft or accidental loan of your whips.

Each whip has a hanger, so that you can properly suspend them from hooks during storage. The hangers on are not fashioned for stress, thus you can't whirl or fling them by the hanger loop. A sturdier (but then also thicker) form of loop for this purpose can be custom-ordered.


All handles have medium large Turkhead endknots. Pineapple weave endknots are available on demand. The outward end knot anchors handle cover as well as hanger loop. It's not recommended to use it as a whirling knob (something for which the standard knots are also far too small). Customers who want to use the back end knot for whirling the whip need to specify this in their order.


The falls of the cattails are arranged in a special and precise manner, so as to allow the Top to hit an area of 1.5x1.5 inches (or less) with all 9 (5) tails close together. This enables the wielder to be almost as precise with a cattail as could be achieved with a singletail whip, either to exactly set marks or to flick off cold wax, clamps or clothepins etc.. This takes considerably less training hours than to achieve the same with one of the large whips, at a much lessened risk of injury.


The bodies of crops are prime glassfiber, exactly the same as used for high quality riding crops.


On demand hardware, like D-rings, snap hooks and buckles, are available of nautical/mountain-climbing quality.  Standard hardware is quality nickel steel or brass geared to medium-heavy use (as used for horse gear).

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