I'm currently working on BDSM variations of nagaikas, stockwhips and bullwhips for use in confined surroundings, made of kangaroo, water buffalo and bullhide.

A singletail will leave a characteristic mark pattern on the sub, as well as create a specific feeling of being seriously whipped. All singletails are whips for the experienced top only and most of them (e.g. bullwhip, snake, stockwhip) need considerable practice to master so that a player can reasonably guarantee the safety of his or her sub. For some it takes 2-3 years for others more, but the amount of work is usually always hefty.

With that problem in the back of my mind, as well as the fact that most BDSM-play takes place in confined to very confined situations, I have begun to develop a small line of singletails, which only need as much practice as do large cattails and need no more sheer clearing space than these.

The design which most helped me to devise this style of singletail is the Russian Nagaika -- a whip attached to a rigid handle (which makes for easy targeting), with a rather short tail (20 to 40 inches), which nonetheless is serious in effect due the built of the tail's end (either a knot or a sewn-in weight). Nagaikas easily combine the import of the large singletails with the accuracy, ease of use and short range of a cat of nine tails.

There already are various designs in testing -- as of now I offer the models displayed here to customers. Prices vary, if interested please inquire by email. None of these whips need to be thrown in, as is usual with my cattails -- another plus for those wishing to try them out soon.

Please note that even though you'll find these singletails much easier to use than the large varieties, they do take some time to be handled securely and of course they are just as dangerous to the sub if not properly used!

As soon as the other models -- based on a variety of African and Southamerican whip designs -- are tested by singletail players you'll find them also here.


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