Leathertails sells all erotic and BDSM items strictly only to adults!

By placing your order you confirm, that you are a legal adult in the country and state you live in. You may have to provide proof of that legal state before the sale can be completed.



Before custom orders can be processed you will have to make a down payment of at least 30% of the price.

Highly personalized custom orders (e.g. monogrammed whips, made to measure items) cannot be returned unless Leathertails explicitly agrees to taking them back first. In this case Leathertails can deduct the price for returning the item into a state acceptable to any customer.



You currently have the following payment options:

European Customers

  1. COD (cash on delivery)

  2. Pre-payment by bank versement (in Euro)

  3. International Money Order (integrated payment system)

  4. Cash

Overseas Customers

  1. Pre-payment by bank versement (in Euro)

  2. International Money Order

  3. PayPal   logo4.gif (2815 bytes)

  4. Cash


All orders have to be fully paid before they will be delivered or have to be paid cash on delivery.

Customers who don't want to leave a "paper trail" and stay completely anonymous regarding their purchase with their bank, are advised to pay per money order or cash.



Custom items can be returned within 14 days after delivery and only if unused with seal intact. Highly personalized custom items can only be returned if Leathertails agrees to take them back first.

Auction items cannot be returned.

In all cases postage/shipping will not be refunded. I do not accept return shipments without postage paid fully.



All items will be delivered in an inconspicuous cardboard roll or parcel, which will bear an unobstrusive return address without any hint as to purpose of content.

Shipping fees vary depending on weight. Most whips will fall into these fee categories:

surface mail parcel (recorded + return receipt)
(Europe 10 U$, World 12.50 U$ -- takes 2-5 business days in Europe, 6-8 weeks worldwide)

air mail parcel (recorded + return receipt)
(Europe 14.00 U$, World 19.00 U$ -- takes 2-3 business days in Europe, 10-20 days worldwide)



Leathertails takes no responsibility whatsoever for injuries occurring due use of its toys or whips!

All items have a repair guarantee of 12 months after sale, during that period repair is free (please read the guarantee page). All items can be sent in for repair after the first 12 months. Repair prices will be charged then and vary according to work needed.

Information on proper care is given on site.

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