Floggers belong to the most important BDSM tools, due to the variety of uses they can be put to, always depending on technique, built and material. They are a good toy to start beginners with and ideal to warm up for heavier play. Some of them provide great breathers during longer sessions.

Leathertails offers floggers with diverse effects, made from leather, hair, fur and other materials. Almost every combination of material, handle style and lengths/fall sizes can be made on demand. The standard llengths are 9-10 inches long handles with 18-22 inches long falls.


...makes soft whips for warming up, with low impact, but an impressively loud smacking sound.


...varies from light and scratchy/abrasive to thuddy with the Nubuk-style tanning available for sportswear.

Horse Hair...

...is more severe than it looks. Sensations vary from scratching to needle-like stings to harsh thud once wet, and it creates a lingering burn which stays with you for several days, much like nettles. When forcefully applied horsehair creates microfine cuts, which leave no scars but open the skin. Skin desinfection is advised. Depending on where applied, and how, horsehair floggers can "prepare the ground" or be a satisfying finale. A definite plus of horsehair is the fact that it can be easily disinfected with strong solutions without undue harm to the tail.


...tailed floggers are very severe and available as special custom orders.


...tails are for sensation play, e.g. chilled or warmed. Not intended for striking, they are available as custom orders.


...as a variation of the furry cattail, a flogger made with fur tails is also available. Sensation varies from caress to harsh thud, depending on type of fur, number of tails and length.

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