The quirt is the horseworld's version of the good old leather strap or leather belt generations of teachers used to discipline their pupils. I offer a variety of thuddy and stinging quirts and straps made of heavy leathers, with or without handles, with or without holes punched in to lower air resistance, as well as several purely BDSM-oriented items which technically fall under the name of "quirt".

A variety ideal for Tops whose subs don't mark the way they want, is the 3-tailed cat or "bruiser". This toy will leave the sought after marks even on the most resilient bottoms and has enough zap to carry an endgame play on its own.

Slightly more difficult to wield than a simple strap, these 3-tailed nagaika-style cats handle nevertheless very well and need but moderate practice (about as much as needed for a normal largish cat) to master. These whips come with sometimes elaborate decoration, to liken them to their historical design models, and are available with or without knots in the tails. Prices vary, please inquire by email.



The riding crop is the classical instrument of discipline and signalling for horses among horsepeople. I offer perfectly working, esthetically pleasing crops of over-braided or over-hitched cores.

Among the custom BDSM additions are snappy or zinging end quirts or falls, and small floggers made of metal beads or other materials for added sensations.


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